Big Boob Hokey Pokey Videos with Samantha 38G & Devyn Devine

It’s like the big breast BBW lover’s dream, getting two busty voluptuous superstars like Samantha 38G & Devyn Devine topless together on a bed. You await with bated breath and erection in hand to see what sort of sordid, sexy lesbian love scene will ultimately unfold. Then, suddenly, the two gorgeous girls get up on their hands and knees next to each other, their dangling huge boobs bobbing and swaying from the sheer massive mammary momentum of their titanic tit-flesh playing against the unyielding natural force of gravity and, without warning, spontaneously burst into song: “You put your right boob in, you take your right boob out…” Yes, you heard right, Samantha & Devyn have discovered Big Breast Hokey Pokey.

Granted, now that I’m living in Britain, I’m quite certain that my fellow country-mates will scoff at my calling it the Hokey Pokey (even though I am merely quoting Sam & Devyn from the video), writing such a grievous error off to the fact that I’m a simple American twat who doesn’t know any better. The Brits, you see, refer to this novelty song & dance as the “Hokey Cokey”, having traced its origins to English music halls back in the mid-1940s (with the U.S. version not having been copyrighted until 1950). However, further research revealed that some scholars attribute this tune to the old Shaker song Hinkum-Booby from the mid-1800s which begins thusly: “I put my right hand in, I put my right hand out…” [Which, frankly, to me, sounds more like fisting, despite the passing nod to boobies in the title.]

But Sam & Devyn do indeed get up to far more Sapphic shenanigans in this video than the Hokey Pokey (although you must admit their little song & dance routing seems most apropos for a site called “Plumpers at Play“), as there also transpires a veritable porno-copia of lesbian clit-licking & tit-sucking to satisfy the busty BBW loving voyeur. And so, here are sexy sirens Samantha 38G & 38DDD Devyn Devine doing the Big Tit Hokey Pokey and more in videos from

Samantha 38G & 38DDD Devyn Devine big boob hokey pokey videos from Samantha 38G & 38DDD Devyn Devine big boob hokey pokey videos from
Samantha 38G & 38DDD Devyn Devine big boob hokey pokey videos from Samantha 38G & 38DDD Devyn Devine big boob hokey pokey videos from



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3 Responses to “Big Boob Hokey Pokey Videos with Samantha 38G & Devyn Devine”

  1. Big Daddy Says:

    OMG!!!!!….2 of my favorites. My knees are getting weak.

  2. BigBoobFan Says:

    Love Sam! Love Devyn! Amazing videos. They are so damn hot together. Very nice.

  3. steve Says:

    I love Sam. There is one thing about her videos that I don’t like. They are all like photo shoots that are being taped. It never seems natural. Its like this… Hi, here i am and here is my guest. Look, I am sucking her tit, see? thats me sucking it. Ok now you lick my tit. see? Ok, time to lick the pussy…. There never seems to be any fantasy or hint of passion. I would love to see her and Maria Moore, just make out like crazy, and then passionately get each other off.

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