Carmella Bing – What a difference a weigh makes!

Wow, gotta hand it to that Big Tit Cyber Pimp, as first we had Dors and now I see busty porn superstar Carmella Bing has joined the Plumper Pass family (he must be on a major BBW recruitment drive!)! Sadly, I must admit to not having paid much attention to Carmella Bing before now because she only had little D-cup breasts to her cleavage credit and skinny chicks with tiny 36D tits are a dime a dozen (iow, her boobs were too small for my taste in tits despite her being a busty pornstar in the conventional sense). However, now that Carmella’s put a bit of extra flesh on her bones and got big tits to boot, I believe this freshly curvaceous and busty voluptuous beauty to be at her sexiest ever! To see what a difference some weight makes, here’s a couple of Carmella Bing skinny before and after sexy fat photos, the latter being from her big boobs debut she made yesterday at the Hot Sexy Plumpers site…

Carmella Bing before weight gain as a skinny chick with tits at Big Boobs In Your Face -    Carmella Bing after weight gain better as a busty BBW with fat tits at Hot Sexy Plumpers -

…her big tits transformation from slightly chesty porn starlet to picture of busty plumper perfection got me seeing the now oh so stunningly sexy Carmella Bing in a whole new light of a lewd & lascivious nature! I can’t help but feel her womanly curves and bigger boobs from putting weight on her well-endowed figure gives her an erotic goddess form of soft feminine wonder (not to mention looking like a super fuck as well). So, some hardcore sensual sex samples of what it’s like fucking busty BBW Carmella Bing in videos and photos from

38GG Carmella Bing hardcore from HotSexyPlumpers

Carmella Bing hardcore from

38GG Carmella Bing videos from HotSexyPlumpers

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36 Responses to “Carmella Bing – What a difference a weigh makes!”

  1. peeb Says:

    I LOVE her new look! I have always been a fan, but this body is a fantasy come true!

  2. calvin h Says:

    Love the weight!

  3. Not good Says:

    Not good. She looks…bloated. I guess if you’re into the over weight smells like spoiled cabbage thing it’s for you. I’d rather have the slim and stacked version though. She probably wheezes like a 90 old grandma while she screws. Roll her in flour etc.

  4. NAttleboroMWM Says:

    OMG, she is AMAZING! Her Wikipedia page says she’s expecting a baby in early 2011… is she pregnant in these pics? Regardless, she’s about the hottest plumper you’ve EVER featured!

  5. Yummmmyboy Says:

    Oh my fucking god, this is the hottest thing I’ve seen in ages. Just goes to show what a bit of weight gain can do. Amazing.

  6. PhattyLvrX Says:

    Girl’s developed a cute little pooch. :)

  7. El Duderino Says:

    Fucking amazing! I love the new Carmella! What a transformation…fucking all these skinny porn stars need to gain weight like this! Both her and Dors Feline need to team up and have a scene together. She definitely needs to do more scenes with this sexy plumper body! Hell, she should add more weight on!

  8. CX500T Says:

    Heck, you’ve always been a great looking lady but what happened Carmella?! You sure have put some extra pounds on. If you’re happy and healthy – great.

  9. DAYUMM Says:

    Damn she looks good all thick. Funny how you guys dont post bludcrimsons comments but will let trash like what NOT GOOD posted thru.

  10. Boogy75 Says:

    OMFG what happened to her. She was so hot before but not anymore. I hope after she has the baby she looses all that weight so she’s hot again.

  11. Martin Says:

    I think she was having time off for being pregnant hence the weight gain – Loved her before but she is sexier now!

    Shes a hotty and was then but I would love to see Dors and Carmella together too!

  12. BTnA Says:

    That, my friends, is the perfect BBW body. SMOKING. HOT.

  13. Bern Says:

    That’s sad. She looks terrible now :(

  14. Hughman Says:

    Stunning. You need to focus on more weight gain transformations

    Also, your first link for Dors is a dead one

  15. ex650 Says:

    Definitely preggo weight.

    Her 5-head turned me off before she got fat and for once the extra pounds aren’t doing it for me.

  16. Gladius7373 Says:

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!! She looks incredibly sexy (now)!

  17. Eich Gravenburg Says:

    Carmella, I have never seen you look better. Wow, I’m in love. Give me more, more ,more.

  18. henk Says:

    I love it how her tits have grown – and her pussy looks juicier, too. The belly is not a big turnon for me.

  19. oedo Says:

    Carmella Bing was sexy before but now she looks sensational. Please, please do not loose any weight you look so amazingly sexy now

  20. King KIran Says:

    She looks great with great body and boobs.i love the way she is doing.

  21. Robert Says:

    Let us hope that she gains about another 50 lbs. A point of no return and her acceptance as a BBW would be even more sexy. Why stop with her current weight? Her tits and ass will only get bigger with more weight. I hope she stays in the industry another 15-20 years. It would be awesome to see her tits sag with huge stretch marks. It would be great to see her ass get even bigger as she gets older. Also, let’s hope she gets kinkier as she gets bigger and older!

  22. PhattyLvrX Says:

    Well said, Rob. Well fucking said.

  23. Aussie Brian Says:


  24. Bob Says:

    “Sweet & Sexy! You look great sweetheart very beautiful!” :)

  25. top_gun Says:

    hi she gained weight cuz she was expect5ing a baby in jan 2011 i think she will lose this weight again thanks

  26. top_sacks Says:

    never get back the old weight..
    just keep it up..
    its good

  27. Merkul Says:

    fucking ugly. much better before.

  28. Mr.Fish Says:

    Carmella has always been a little big, but this new look is so nice. I heard that she had a baby and that’s how got her weight on. I still love Carmella now and then. I hope that she is still into anal sex Carmella has always been good that that.

  29. nomine cluz Says:

    i hear she lose all the weight now

  30. nomine cluz Says:

    so dissapoint

  31. bear Says:

    Her standing n the white top red panties is my screen saver , galaxy s ll epic ,

  32. Rhino Says:

    I agree with most..she does look good with the extra pounds. Seems like this was from 2011. Hopefully, she looks the same as above and is still in the biz

  33. kiko Says:

    i like you in your fantastic bbw new look you are my favorite withe this rondeures

  34. kiko Says:

    i want more from you adorable carmelle

  35. Karl Says:

    She looks way better than before and to my mind chubby women are far more sexually appealing.

  36. big fan Says:


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