Lexxxi Luxe 38P Biggest Breasts on Plumper Pass

Extra large breasts being the reason I got into busty BBW porn in the first place, it seemed only fitting that I blog the “udderly” gigantic tits of P-cup Lexxxi Luxe on My Boob Site. Regulars upon my domain within which the most massive mammaries may be found will no doubt instantly recognize lovely Lexxxi Luxe being the alter ego of Anorei Collins revealing far more than ever before in photos & videos as Lexxxi Luxe from PlumperPass.com:

Anorei Collins become Lexxxi Luxe on PlumperPass.comAnorei Collins become Lexxxi Luxe on PlumperPass.com
Anorei Collins become Lexxxi Luxe on PlumperPass.comAnorei Collins become Lexxxi Luxe on PlumperPass.com




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8 Responses to “Lexxxi Luxe 38P Biggest Breasts on Plumper Pass”

  1. davey Says:

    Hmmmm, when the f ck are we gonna finally see her taking some cock! this softcore sh t is getting tiresome. i love anoeri but i wanna see some hardcore adult content out of her.

  2. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Stay tuned! Now that “Sensational Video” and “Score” are marketing her, I say we’ll see some lucky stud get his hands and mouth on her, and his cock in her by years end!

  3. jakemeister Says:

    One trully BIG woman,not a gal that “grew” into her present size,ala SAPPHIRE.Luxe/Collins is in your face ENORMOUS,an unapologetic FAT chick ,whos’ massive flabby belly competes with her gargantuan udders for attention,just BIG,real BIG all over.The question remains if she can deliver “the GOODS” like Sapphire does infront of the camera.To pair these two ladies up,tho would be a match made in heaven,so long as they really let the action get steamy,unlike that boring exercise that was SAM38g and Maria Moore.Great participents,but a dull unconvincing,lame shoot.Sapphire may have handed off the crown to Luxe/Collins “P” cups but her “L” cup saggers,might STILL be BEST of ALL time.

  4. Lexxxi Says:

    Haha, sorry boys- but as long as I’m taken, there will be no hardcore b/g ^_~…g/g though…well- keep your eyes peeled, hehe

  5. lunitik2469 Says:

    Well lexxxi. Will you bf/hubby do a hardcore seen with you?

  6. Smegma Says:

    MWUAHAHA everybody has a price, I’m absolutely sure soon we’ll see Lexxxi on some motherfucking 15″ negro cock!

  7. phaust Says:

    what lucky guys got to be with her! i been trying to date her for years!

  8. don p. Says:

    I wouldnt mind seeing her fuck mandingo

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