Sex Workout Video plus Big Tits Up a T-Shirt

January 7th, 2011

Busty blonde BBW Shyla Shy finds her way onto MyBBWSite today courtesy of a singular yet super sexy big tits up a t-shirt shot from BBWsGoneBlack with which I became “udderly” enraptured for the memories of massive mammaries gone by that it brought back to the fantasy fore…

Big tits up a t-shirt tease of flashing large boobs from below with sexy beautiful busty blonde BBW Shyla Shy at Plumper Pass & BBWs Gone Black -

…you see, it reminded me of my best friend’s busty girlfriend from when I was but in my tender teens and my large breast obsession was but in its formative stages. She used to wear these loose-fitting t-shirts and her boobs were so big that the diaphanous cotton material would hang loose like a free flowing curtain in front of her beautiful bare belly. I used to make it a habit of lying in her lap (yes, we were unusually close for her being my best friend’s girlfriend), especially when she was wearing cut-off t-shirts with her midriff exposed since I could look up her shirt and get a clear view of the bottom curvature of her big boobs from below. If I felt particularly brave, I would purse my lips and blow up her top to get her t-shirt billowing above her nipples which grew erect to the feel of my breath on her beautiful breasts. Oh, how I longed to reach up and brush the back of my fingers over those erect nipples and silky areola flesh surrounding them. But, alas, I lacked the courage to actually reach up and touch her tits so, instead, I’d just lay back and enjoy the voluptuous boobs eye view only big tits up a t-shirt can bring. *sigh*

Granted, sensual busty blonde plumper Shyla Shy is lending a helping hand in lifting her shirt over her tits in the photo above which would seem to be the polar opposite of those slightly less sexy down-blouse shots (said big breasts from below offering an exposed belly bonus with a pierced belly button to boot!), but it nonetheless provided the sublime sexual stimulus of happy mammary gland memories from my youth. The rest of the series seems more like a hardcore sex workout video with this busty girl exercising with a cock in her cunt to get a penis in pussy workout as well (who knows? maybe Shyla’s doing her Kegels to get some sexual exercises in, too!). Here’s busty BBW female body builder Shyla Shy fucking a big black cock in sexual workout photos and a horny hardcore sexercise video at

36F Shyla Shy hardcore from BBWsGoneBlack

Sex workout photos from sexy beautiful big boobs busty blonde BBW Shyla Shy at Plumper Pass & BBWs Gone Black -

36F Shyla Shy videos from BBWsGoneBlack

Sex workout videos from sexy beautiful big boobs busty blonde BBW Shyla Shy at Plumper Pass & BBWs Gone Black -



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Anna Kay puts the XXX in XXXmas

December 30th, 2010

Those who’ve read my other blog will know I’m not feeling all too well at the moment (thus the uncharacteristic brevity), but I couldn’t help but dropping by to spread some big boobs BBW Christmas tits cheer over here since ’tis still the season. And, speaking of spreading, what more could I ask for than to be given the gift of a sexy girl’s genitals to play with, as seems to be what stunningly beautiful busty blonde BBW Anna Kay is offering as a Christmas pussy present as she spreads her legs and pulls her panties aside revealing her fabulous festive female genitalia exposed for my sex slut slit licking pussy lover’s pleasure?..

Anna Kay pussy present in a sexy big boobs busty blonde BBW Christmas cunt flash photo from

(image courtesy of hotsexyplumpers)

…now, if I could just get adorable Anna Kay spreading her pussy apart to allow oral access to those little yet lickable labia lips, I could offer her sexy Christmas cunt an orgasmic gift of my own in return! ;~) Now, tempted as I was to call this blog “I saw mommy fucking Santa Claus”, I resisted the erotic urge to do so since I’d already used it elsewhere, albeit with someone who lacked the beautifully bulky big boobs Anna’s got. Still, it would’ve been eerily apropos for this most sexy Santa porn series that features just the sort of cuddly belly fondling fucking I love! Anyway, I must get off for now since nature calls (again and again and again) and leave you to enjoy this voluptuous vision of sex Christmas coitus with an incredibly sexy blonde woman well-endowed fucking in photos and videos of Anna Kay hardcore from

44F Anna Kay hardcore at Hot Sexy Plumpers

Simone BBW spit-roasting hardcore threesome photos from

44F Anna Kay videos at Hot Sexy Plumpers

I saw mommy fucking Santa Claus this XXXmas with big boobs busty blonde BBW Anna Kay in hardcore videos from



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Tenderness in Porn with Teen BBW Emma Bailey

December 17th, 2010

No, I’m not talking about the sort of tenderness which can arise from rough sex or excessive masturbation can cause but, rather, tender sex in porn. Now, inasmuch as sexy voluptuous erotic imagery such as the following fucking photo of cute & chubby big boobs teen BBW beauty Emma Bailey from BBWDreams can truly tug on my heart strings (not to mention take a really good hard tug on my cock strings as well)…

Chubby teen sex with BBW big boobs blonde beauty Emma Bailey fucking at

…it’s nice to see sexy fuckers try a little tenderness in hardcore porn every once in a while as well, especially in busty BBW porn where most of my fat fucking fantasy revolves largely around cuddling and hugging and kissing and kneading fat fondling flesh through my fingers whilst wallowing in the voluptuous luxury that the larger ladies amongst well-endowed women of substance provide. After all, what could be more comfortable and cuddly than a cute, chubby girl with big boobs and exposed belly enveloping you in the erotic naked embrace of her nude curvaceous charms; getting so wrapped up in a chubby comfort fuck with the fact you’ve got your erect penis buried balls deep in pretty plump pussy having fat sex becomes but an afterthought? Such we my sexy fat fantasy musings upon seeing most beautiful BBW in the world busty Emma Bailey fucking chubby girl on top and sharing a kiss in an uncharacteristically intimate porn moment in the hardcore photos following the sexy big belly fondling hand down panties reach around pussy masturbation pics from BBW Dreams below…

Tender teenage sex with cute & cuddly chubby teen BBW Emma Bailey trying a little tenderness in hardcore porn at    Tender teenage sex with cute & cuddly chubby teen BBW Emma Bailey trying a little tenderness in hardcore porn at    Tender teenage sex with cute & cuddly chubby teen BBW Emma Bailey trying a little tenderness in hardcore porn at

Tender teenage sex with cute & cuddly chubby teen BBW Emma Bailey trying a little tenderness in hardcore porn at    Tender teenage sex with cute & cuddly chubby teen BBW Emma Bailey trying a little tenderness in hardcore porn at

…of course, there’s also plenty of hot and horny BBW hardcore action included in this immensely sexy series of over 800 photos and 30+ minutes of HD video Emma Bailey provides for our busty voluptuous voyeur’s pleasure proving nothing could be finer than to be in her vagina whilst wallowing in the exquisite weight of her well-endowed wonder… *sigh* …isn’t she just the sexiest thing alive?! Truly, if I weren’t already a member of Plumper Pass, just having the whole of this singular series would be enough to inspire me to join (erm, as was this one, for that matter). This is one stunninly beautiful girl who could pull off a personal website of her very own, given ample opportunity, and I’d be the first to sign up and promote the hell out of this super sexy teen plumper until she achieves the big boob BBW porn superstar status she so richly deserves! Ah, but I’m gushing now (in more ways than one), so I’d best stop and show you more of the exceptional Emma Bailey in hardcore photo & video galleries from

Emma Bailey busty chubby teen BBW hardcore at BBWDreams

Emma Bailey in D-cup busty chubby big boobs fat tits teen BBW hardcore from

Emma Bailey busty chubby teen BBW videos at BBWDreams

Emma Bailey in D-cup busty chubby big boobs fat tits teen BBW videos from



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Plumper Pass – Busty BBW TGP Stylie

December 15th, 2010

Well, seeing as my big boobs & BBW server isn’t speaking to me at the moment due to local area network naughtiness (not to worry, though, as there’s a hardcore solution to our security issues on order), I’d like instead to bring up an idea I’d been toying with the other day with regard to our porn blogs. Remember how I’d been complaining about all of the busty plumpers & BBWs I don’t get to blog? Well, the thought struck me that I should start a TGP (i.e. Thumbnail Gallery Post) site to supplement readers with the soft- & hardcore content that doesn’t get featured on the pervy porn posts herein! Sound like a good idea? Well, in order to whet your ample appetites with very well-endowed women in the voluptuous feminine form they’d appear on such a site, here are some big tits TGP stylie busty BBW flash videos from

Julia Sands has got the biggest sexual appetite I have seen in a long time! This curvy chubby lady wasted no time hopping on the cock and sucking it to end.  - Julia Sands video from PlumperPass.comEver dreamt about a hot Plumper babe that has that whole sexy librarian vibe? You know... with the glasses and all that?Now what about her giving you a blowjob with her big fat natural titties all on your cock. Well here ya go - Peaches Larue video from PlumperPass.comIt's been a while since Simone has gotten any sort of pleasure at all, and no pleasure makes one upset BBW. However, she was lucky enough to get on camera today - Simone video from PlumperPass.comThis update we have the hot and very horny Pink Kandi, with a lovely juicy body that is just built for sin. - Pink Kandi video from PlumperPass.comWhen it comes to big ladies Cassie Blanca is in our top five. Any BBW lover will be on cloud nine watching this heavy hitter do her thing, not only does she have a great look but her attitude makes you want her more.  - Cassie Blanca video from PlumperPass.comBetween her massive chest, crazy cocksucking, and awesome hard fucking… you’ll be enjoying this one more than once. - April McKenzie video from PlumperPass.comRikki Waters looks best from behind, watch how her ass bounces around when slapped. It's just completely fuckable. - Rikki Waters video from PlumperPass.comScarlett is one hot big titted babe who knows how to put her twins to use. She loves using them to work up some hard cock so she can jam it down her throat and suck all the precum from the head.  - Scarlett Rouge video from PlumperPass.comWatch the sexy blonde Desiree get her pussy pounded! - Desiree Charms video from PlumperPass.comNow this beauty is one of those kinds that you will never forget! The perfect ass and body on this plumper is to die for! - Angelina Castro video from PlumperPass.comSapphire wasn't getting the sex she needed at home due to her husband's 'less than average' abilities in bed. So, she worked out a deal and scouted potential fuck buddies. She found one prospect and enticed him to show her how his big, - Sapphire video from PlumperPass.comThe sexy Jane gets her pussy pounded in luxury! - Jane Kush video from PlumperPass.comLeah Jayne loves bustiers because she knows they make her gorgeous tits bounce. Plus the feeling of something soft and tight against her thick body, really gets her pussy wet.  - Leah Jayne video from PlumperPass.comCharlie Cooper is a trooper for real. She showed off her plumper curves and pretty face for the camera before dropping to her knees to service some hard cock  - Charlie Cooper video from PlumperPass.comAdorable face, cute little chubby tits, fantastically huge ass -- and an enthusiastic little fuckslut, to boot. - Tiffany Star video from PlumperPass.comWhen we talk about Porsche Dali we definately are in for a luxury ride. Watch her get her pussy pounded! - Porsche Dali video from PlumperPass.comBrandy Ryder is a really cute babe, and together with her huge natural boobs she’s the perfect dream come true for all, big boob lovers.  - Brandy Ryder video from PlumperPass.comJemstone she is like the Megan Fox of BBWs. Fiery, sexy, loves to dress in black, and doesn't mind showing plenty of skin for the camera. Downright stunning!  - Jemstone video from PlumperPass.comWhen Kendra Grace is what's waiting for you at home, you'd make up any excuse to come home early punish her hot plumper ass with some stiff cock.  - Kendra Grace video from PlumperPass.comA BBW with a natural set of double J boobs from the UK! What else do you want??? - Sydney JJ video from PlumperPass.comThis black haired beauty knows what to do to satisfy a man!She can work the cock like no other. Watch her show you why Porn is her ultimate proffession. - Kacey Swift video from PlumperPass.comWatch the sexy Kacey get her jollies in the only way she knows how.Taking cock in every which way possible! - Kacey Parker video from PlumperPass.comHaydee Rodrigez wasted no time in getting that chocolate dick in her mouth. That's how the scene starts! This Texas BBW latina babe had the fat titties and round ass you expect from a plumper.  - Haydee Rodriguez video from PlumperPass.comThis raunchy plumper loves to take dick in her mouth and pussy and isn't shy about it either. She really loves to show off her ass and make it clap for us. - Vanessa Blake video from PlumperPass.comThe savage-breasted Nikki Cars is back to suck on and cream all over big hard cock. Even when she's in a bad mood, nothing will bring a smile quicker to Nikki's face than a big ol' stiffy.  - Nikki Cars video from PlumperPass.comCarly is one sexy BBW with her fiery attitude and tattooed thighs. She looks even better when those legs are wrapped around someone she's fucking nonstop.  - Carly video from PlumperPass.comThere isn't anything 'shy' about Shyla; this blond BBW loves sex. - Shyla Shy video from PlumperPass.comEmma Bailey returns to us with a mission. To do anal for the first time EVER... with us. How amazing is that?  - Emma Bailey video from PlumperPass.comWatch the sexy Veronica Vaughn get her pussy tore up by a huge black mandingo cock! - Veronica Vaughn video from PlumperPass.comWatch this sexy BBW squiert all over this throbbing horny cock! - Michelle video from PlumperPass.comThe sexy redhead Annie gets her thick ass fucked! - Annie Marie video from PlumperPass.comThis blonde British BBW babe was yearning for black cock so much that she couldn't help bit start to play with her pussy with a black dildo!  - Amber Hall video from PlumperPass.comThe beautiful blonde BBW Hillary Hooterz joined us today to give us a demonstration on how to suck cock properly.  - Hillary Hooterz video from PlumperPass.comBarely legal,thick, and horny is what best describes this sexy piece of ass! - Lexi Summers video from PlumperPass.comCheck out this sexy BBW. Dani has one perfect pair of tits and a juicy pussy just waiting to be fucked.  - Dani Amour video from PlumperPass.comThe sexy Mz.Thickness gets her pussy pounded! - Mz.Thickness video from It has been too long since we've brought you a clip of big breasted mature wonder Ms. Peaches Larue. But as they say, good things cum to those who wait. - Peaches Larue video from PlumperPass.comLola’s big fat tits are perfect size for a hard cock fucking - Lola Lush video from PlumperPass.comWatch the sexy Sienna get her pussy stuffed! - Sienna Hills video from PlumperPass.comGood lord, who is that? Why it's the titanic chested Anna Kay. And in tow are her unbelievably huge 44F knockers - Anna Kay video from PlumperPass.comWhat a treat we have this week! Ms. Davis here came by with her sexy tan skin and huge natural boobs  - Camelia Davis video from PlumperPass.comWhat do we have here? A lovely red headed British BBW. This plumper beauty had all the right curves. Fat natural boobies, a firm fat ass, and curves to cum for. - Nikki May video from PlumperPass.comJenna Divyne is new to our site, but her dick riding abilities are definately not! - Jenna Divyne video from PlumperPass.comWatch this bodacious big girl get fucked! - Julia Sands video from PlumperPass.comApril McKenzie, big breasted vixen that she is, has a craving for dick. But, not just any dick... she needs her chocolate loving. - April McKenzie video from PlumperPass.comBig ass, nice tits, pretty face, gut butt and fat pussy! Holy shit! - Reyna Mae video from PlumperPass.comCassie is one confident lady who knows how to use what she has and keeps you coming back for more.  - Cassie Blanca video from PlumperPass.comWatch the queen of BBW porn get fucked! - Samantha38g  video from



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Double Penetration Party with Busty BBW Simone

December 8th, 2010

Whenever I find myself in a double penetration situation (granted, this has always been of the purely vaginal variety since we don’t do anal sex of any sort), I’m usually bringing up the rear being a “top” in our MFM threesome sex sandwich and, as such, there’s one crucial sexy element of erotic imagery I totally miss out on. I’m not talking about the raw sexual mechanics of double penetration since that’s nothing more than having a pair of penises performing vaginal and anal sex at the same time, as that’s the voluptuous ass on view I generally and genitally get. Rather, I’m referring to the wide range of erotic emotions a girl goes through whilst being sexually serviced by two cocks at the same time as amply evidenced by the sensual expressions crossing her face as she’s being fucked double-up taking two cocks at once. Erm, let me call upon stunningly beautiful busty BBW Simone 36J who recently found herself sandwiched in a threesome double penetration sex session over at the Hot Sexy Plumpers site …

BBW double penetration threesome sex expressions in erotic hardcore porn with beautiful J-cup busty Simone from Hot Sexy Plumpers -    BBW double penetration threesome sex expressions in erotic hardcore porn with beautiful J-cup busty Simone from Hot Sexy Plumpers -

BBW double penetration threesome sex expressions in erotic hardcore porn with beautiful J-cup busty Simone from Hot Sexy Plumpers -    BBW double penetration threesome sex expressions in erotic hardcore porn with beautiful J-cup busty Simone from Hot Sexy Plumpers -

BBW double penetration threesome sex expressions in erotic hardcore porn with beautiful J-cup busty Simone from Hot Sexy Plumpers -    BBW double penetration threesome sex expressions in erotic hardcore porn with beautiful J-cup busty Simone from Hot Sexy Plumpers -

… radiant with eroticism is her sweet, sexy face, from the questioning and somewhat sexually apprehensive anticipation of a second penis poking her to the sensual surprise upon cock two entering her ass to the unbridled sexual ecstasy of anal orgasm feeling their dicks double teaming her cock hungry holes until she melts into a sublimely sexy smile of sexual contentment that only the fully fucked feeling of double penetration can bring. Ah, the fond fucking memories (indeed, it’s been far too long since we last had some spare cock for a threesome and, if we do MFM again, I want to be a bottom this time!). Of course, our ever gorgeous J-cup busty Simone might also want to enjoy the horny feeling of two cocks in her mouth at once with a double blowjob or get her “udderly” massive breasts in on the action in a spit-roasting titfuck or maybe even just settle in on her hands and knees up for a straight doggy-style BBW spitroast whilst having her huge boobs fondled from below. After all, MFM threesomes are all about the greedy girl in the middle filling our threesome sex sandwich with big tits and ass and pussy ripe for the double fucking fun, so we’d best let her decide by moving on to the other joys threesome sex can bring with beautiful, sexy, super busty 36J Simone in huge tits hardcore threesome photos and big boobs BBW spit-roasting videos from

36J Simone in threesome BBW spit-roasting photos at Hot Sexy Plumpers

Simone BBW spit-roasting hardcore threesome photos from

36J Simone in threesome BBW spit-roasting videos at Hot Sexy Plumpers

Simone BBW hardcore threesome spit-roasting videos from



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Busty Redhead She-Devil Sex with BBW Francesca

November 26th, 2010

By far, one of the best comeback lines I’d ever used in a conversation with an ex-girlfriend had to be, “Because, after all, who wouldn’t want an insatiable sex slut of a busty girlfriend who fucks like a succubus in heat – a promiscuous nymphomaniac demoness who’ll suck your very soul out through your cock? Am I alone in this??” I was reminded of my erotic rejoinder on seeing busty BBW redhead Evzenie aka Francesca un-dressed like a sexy she-devil preparing to do just that in this penis licking foreplay photo from BBWDreams

Francesca aka Evzenie sucks cock like a demon in a busty redhead BBW sexy she-devil blowjob licking dick with huge tits hanging down to her belly at

…but since these seductively evil succubi are moreso known for fucking the life energy out of their male victims than giving out blowjobs all willy nilly in their night-time semen collecting escapades, let’s put the phallic foreplay fun of cock sucking aside and move on to our sexually stunning busty voluptuous redheaded she-devil Francesca fucking like a demon girl with her big ginger juggs a jiggling in busty BBW hardcore sex photos & videos from

44F BBW Francesca aka Evzenie hardcore at BBWDreams

Busty redhead BBW Francesca aka Evzenie hardcore at

44F BBW Francesca aka Evzenie videos at BBWDreams

Busty redhead BBW Francesca aka Evzenie videos at



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Desiree Charms – Beautiful Big Busty Blonde Boob Handles in a D-cup plus Tits for a BBW Blog Bonus!

November 23rd, 2010

Oh how I struggled for a big tits BBW blog title today since, upon first seeing stunningly sexy new arrival Desiree Charms on Plumper Pass whose sublimely sensual yet sexually explicit photo & video galleries were heralded by this following temptingly tasty thumbnail…

Sexy big boobs blonde BBW Desiree Charms fucking a big black cock at Plumper Pass -

…I instantly thought, “Yummy! I love big busty blonde fuckers and now I’ve got yet another one to play with!” So I clicked the aforementioned erotic image and, although this gorgeous plus-sized girl only had D-cup breasts to her cleavage credit, I found myself “udderly” captivated by how the delightful distribution of boob fat had her tits overflowing off to her sides forming a super sexy breast shelf of love handles under her arms where big boobs meet back flesh. Now these are what a sexy sideboob shot should be, me being the sort of large breast loving guy who tends to judge how truly busty a girl is by her big boobs view from behind! Anyway, here’s what I’m talking about in terms a side-on boob love handle tit shelf cumming cleavage courtesy of stunningly beautiful D-cup busty blonde BBW Desiree Charms at BBWsGoneBlack

Sexy side boob handles of fat breast flesh on big blonde D-cup BBW beauty Desiree Charms at Plumper Pass -    Wrap around tits fat to the back forming sexy boob love handles on big blonde D-cup BBW beauty Desiree Charms at Plumper Pass -

…however, as much as I could just go on and on praising the plumper pulchritude of this big boobs blonde beauty, when I went to fetch links to delightful D-cup Desiree Charms’ video and photo galleries, I found myself surprised to the tits over how many more busty BBW interracial sex scenes had been posted since my recent Haydee blog, so here’s not only sexy side-busty D-cup beauty Desiree Charms but also the big boobs BBW bonus of Charlie Cooper, Jane Kush, Brandy Ryder, Carly & Sydney JJ in photos & videos from

Tons of Big Boobs Interracial BBW Hardcore from BBWsGoneBlack

Desiree Charms from    Desiree Charms from    Desiree Charms from

Charlie Cooper from    Charlie Cooper from    Charlie Cooper from

Jane Kush from    Jane Kush from    Jane Kush from

Brandy Ryder from    Brandy Ryder from    Brandy Ryder from

Carly from    Carly from    Carly from

Sydney JJ from    Sydney JJ from    Sydney JJ from

Tons of Big Boobs BBW Interracial Videos from BBWsGoneBlack

Desiree Charms videos from    Desiree Charms videos from

Charlie Cooper videos from    Charlie Cooper videos from

Jane Kush videos from    Jane Kush videos from

Brandy Ryder videos from    Brandy Ryder videos from

Carly videos from    Carly videos from

Sydney JJ videos from    Sydney JJ videos from



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Super Busty BBW L-cup Breast Sex with Sapphire

November 12th, 2010

Wow. After my busty BBW erotica epic earlier today, I feel almost too tapped out on massive tits to write about boobs for long but, speaking of long boobs, I just had to “cum” back to share sublimely sexy super busty BBW redhead Sapphire since she’s just released a new hardcore series for BBWDreams! What I love most about this fabulous foray into fat boob loving fornication is that it amply demonstrates big breast sex doesn’t have to be tit-fucking (although there is a lovely L-cup titfuck or two therein). The fact of the matter on massive mammaries is that I’d go so far as to classify large breast sex as being just about any sexual activity when huge tits “cum” into play – from the softly sensual feel of big boobs in your lap for a busty blowjob to gigantic breast fondling whilst fucking to cumming on tits in a colossal cleavage cumshot climax! Here’s our gorgeous ginger goddess with a few fine erotic examples of what I believe boob sex can be (and, although it really doesn’t qualify as big tit sex to my mind apart from the nipple pulling part, I just loved the tender BBW beautiful big belly fat fondling cuddle fuck in photo four so much I had to include it, likewise with the sexy spread leg Sapphire nude in number one); it’s my most massive breast and penis pleasure to present you with a few superbly sensual sex photos & hardcore videos of Sapphire fucking sexy as ever could be at

38L Sapphire Hardcore Photos from BBW Dreams

Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from    Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from

Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from    Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from

Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from    Sapphire 38L - L-cup breasts huge boobs tit fuck bbw blowjob sex cum nipple pulling photos from

38L Sapphire Hardcore Videos from BBW Dreams

Sapphire videos at



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Just Three Steps to BBW Heaven with Leah-Jayne

November 12th, 2010

I’ve got a slightly revisionist attitude towards that old Three Steps to Heaven song where 1) you find a girl you love, 2) she falls in love with you and 3) you kiss and hold her tightly because, quite frankly, I find falling in lust with a girl far more easy than falling in love (although getting lost in enduring love and lust combined for one extra special lover has a lot to be said for it, too!) and, as much as I do enjoy a kiss and a cuddle (especially where busty chubby chicks are concerned), is that necessarily the end of the story? Because, truly, unless they’re talking about those “special cuddles” which are nothing more than a thinly-veiled euphemism for fucking, then I don’t want to know! “When do we get to the hot, steamy sex part?” is what I’m really after here, but their three steps to heaven make no provisions for perversion or promiscuous sex of any sort! Thus, BBW and plumper lovers, I propose that we dispense with the foreplay preliminaries and start off by taking it as read that we’ve already got the love and/or lust of a busty slut under our belts (erm, that is both figuratively and literally speaking), a sexually insatiable girl who really knows her way around a penis (yes, in both senses, once again) able, ready and willing to take your cock well in hand (just the phallic figurative, this time) and send you sailing off into orgasmic oblivion of ejaculation into the sublimely sensual and tender sexual touch of her twat, someone like the stunningly beautiful busty blonde BBW cum hungry cock loving slut goddess Leah-Jayne at BBWDreams (who seems here with her sultry looks and massive tits to have taken my penis in hand comment quite literally!)…

Leah-Jayne plays the voluptuous busty blonde big boobs cock hungry slut goddess at BBW Dreams -    Leah-Jayne plays with a penis big tits at the ready for boob cock cleavage combination at BBW Dreams -

(34HH Leah-Jayne photos courtesy of BBW Dreams)

…so, now that we have out hot sex slut with big tits sorted out, we can move on to my three steps to huge hooters BBW heaven (the huge hooters bit being a reference to lusty busty Leah-Jayne’s lovely HH-cup breasts so beautiful, as it goes): First, you position yourself comfortably on your back naked in bed whilst your super busty BBW fuck buddy kneeling next to your nude body gets her leg over (oh, and having a sexually aggressive girl who demands sex by shouting, “Shut up, get naked, get on your back and DON’T MOVE!” (a sexy sentence with which I am most happily all too familiar), can add to the sensual and erotic ambiance of the situation immensely). Second, she gets into sexual position herself by arranging her voluptuous nude body until your sexy busty slut girl is straddling your cock between her legs for comfortable sex in the cowgirl position (note it’s at this stage of sexual repositioning she may accidentally shove her massive breasts in your face and, should you feel her aroused areolas and erect nipples brush past your lips, let the huge tit-sucking commence!) and plays with your penis against her pussy until your cock hard-on reaches full erection for vaginal insertion upon which her expert penis handling skills “cum” into play, coaxing your cock into her cunt so deftly that you hardly notice she’s already fucking you since warm vaginal juices from her soaking wet pussy lubricating her hand cleverly cupping your cock to her cunt in a pussy jacking handjob emulated how your erect penis feels inside her vagina to simulated sexual perfection. Third and finally, she begins bucking her hips and humping your crotch with her cunt full of cock in a slow, steady rhythm to build up the sexual tension in need of relief over time (it pays to have a patient penis at this point, as the urge for orgasm is overwhelming), grinding your engorged genitals into her g-spot & cervix until she decides it’s time for you to cum inside her, releasing your semen by milking your cock with her cunt in tight vaginal contractions well-timed by the fanny flexing virtue of her strong pelvic floor muscle control ’til her repeatedly pulsing pussy makes your penis explode in orgasm ejaculating within her wet walls of well-endowed wonder, draining every last drop of jizz from your balls before cumming herself so that your now extra-sensitive penis post-cum could feel last nuance of the cock crushing contractions of a most intense female orgasm squeezing your penis in the genital grip of her cunt until your semen “cums” squirting out of her penis filled pussy as you feel your cumshot dribbling down the still swollen shaft of your sexually spent cock growing limp inside her vagina at rest until you find your flaccid phallus able to muster another erection to repeat all three steps again for the self sloppy seconds ejaculation of the second cumming variety. While the following hardcore Leah-Jayne busty cowgirl fucking photos don’t quite capture the intimate sexual mechanics of my personal three steps to heaven sex scenario in detail, they do at least give us the starting positions (including the optional big tit-sucking stage) of an extremely well-endowed woman working her feminine wiles upon you. Thus, I give you the ever lovely busty 34HH Leah-Jayne fucking in BBW girl-on-top sex photos from

Big boobs busty BBW girl on top sex cowgirl style from beautiful fucking big tits blonde Leah-Jayne at    Big boobs busty BBW girl on top sex cowgirl style from beautiful fucking big tits blonde Leah-Jayne at

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…granted, other sexual positions are available with each offering yet more erotic possibilities but, despite their equally erogenous nature, might make for a somewhat uncomfortable fuck. Thus, I can take them or leave them, but the feeling of fucking a busty blonde with big boobs bouncing on top of me with her tits in my face and her pussy pulling my penis has made for by far the happiest, most sexually contented times of my life. I could die happy with the weight of a well-endowed woman squeezing the final breath from my lungs, locked in eternal post-coital embrace with my cum in her cunt being the last surviving vestige of my erotic existence. Blimey, I seem to have got unnecessarily morbid all of a sudden! Wonder what’s up with that, then? Anyways, just because having a big girl on top is fucking sex heaven to me doesn’t mean it floats everybody’s big boner boat so, for a few more busty BBW sex positions, here once again showing off her sublime sexual skills is ever sexy super busty 34HH Leah-Jayne in videos from

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Porsche Dali and the Under Boob Love Handles of Lust

November 4th, 2010

Hey fat admirers and fans of the sexy full-figured female, there’s a new BBW on the block over at the Plumper Pass family of sites! Her name is Porsche Dali and I was first exposed to this delightful dirty blonde’s cute and chubby curvaceous charms appearing in the form of a sexy fat tits fairy (but not to be confused with the big boobs fairy) waving her well-endowed magic wand, and it seems to have worked, judging by her joy juggs of generous G-cup proportions…

Porsche Dali playing big boobs fairy with G-cup breasts at BBW Dreams -

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…however, upon purposefully perving my way through the over 700 photos in pretty and pleasingly plump Porsche Dali’s big boobs debut gallery at BBW Dreams, I found far more than just her busty gorgeous G-cup breasts to lust after since, if you look just below the erotically enchanting inframammary folds of fat flesh that comprise the corpulent crease extending from the colossal cleavage of her massive tits all the way around to her back, you’ll see she’s got extra sexy love handles set high mid-torso forming ravishing rolls of fat below her boobs as seen in these side-boob and rear-view perspectives…

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…the moment I beheld the well-endowed womanly wonder of those erotic extra love handles her massive mammaries perched upon, I knew I’d found something special for my fat loving fingers to fondle whilst snuggling up into her G-cup cleavage as it would just be the ultimate big tits treat to bury my face in her boobs and reach around with both hands caressing the captivatingly curvaceous fatty flesh those fat love handles have on offer! Who knew big boobs could have love handles so beautiful, luscious and lovely? Blimey! I feel a high-set love handle fetish coming on, as if I need anything else to add to my busty BBW fetish list (let’s see, there’s the whole large breast fetish thing, my big fat belly fetish, my sexy rolls of fat fetish – no, if I keep it up, we’ll be here all day). Truly, my busty voluptuous lustful desire to grab hold of her love handles kneading fat between fingers and palms is “udderly” overwhelming (ah, but does that make me “kneady”?)! But my new-found love handle fetish for fat flanks aside (I mean, I love a girl with huge tits overhanging her sides but, honestly, having those hyper-erotic extra love handles under her boobs is almost too much to bear! I would just love to see Porsche Dali topless in a pair of tight jeans so we could see all four love handles at once, not to mention her beautiful big belly overhang as well!!), as there’s so much for more to gorgeous 42G Porsche Dali than big boobs with love handles hanging underneath. From top to toe she’s the perfect plump package with sexy dirty blonde hair, haunting hazel eyes, an adorable fuck me face and that’s even before we work our way down her cuddy BBW body from tempting big tits to sexy fat belly to soft shaved pussy to meaty thick thighs perfect to serve as comfy ear warmers oral sex! Add to that the fact that she’s so fucking hot giving killer busty blowjobs and is a really good fuck to boot, and you’ve got yet another sexy chubby cuddle fuck buddy who fulfills the fat fucking fantasy of my BBW dreams (and looking at the super sexy flabby belly cleavage she’s sporting on her plump tummy in one particular blowjob photo below, her pussy and tits aren’t the only things I’m thinking about fucking my way into!)! Ah, but I’ve well whittered on about wallowing in this extra well-endowed woman enough for today, so I’ll stop so you can enjoy more of new and stunningly gorgeous G-cup busty blonde BBW goddess Porsche Dali in photos & videos from

Porsche Dali hardcore at BBWDreams

Porsche Dali hardcore at BBW Dreams -

Porsche Dali videos from BBWDreams

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Busty Redhead Plumper Jemstone 38G

October 26th, 2010

Just a quickie to say while I did fully intend to BBW blog beautiful busty redhead Jemstone with her super sexy eyes saying “fuck me now” at every turn, it seems this gorgeous ginger goddess of G-cup breasts ended up on My Boob Site instead! Thus, I fear I shall have to trouble you busty redhead plumper fans of ginger tits to click the following beautiful big ass banner with luscious large labia lips in front but big boobs behind to see sensual 38G Jemstone on MyBoobSite for photos & videos from her most recent appearance at

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Kendra Grace – Be My BBW Cuddle Buddy?

October 23rd, 2010

One thing that I miss most in my life is having a good cuddle, wrapping myself around the comforting warmth of the voluptuous feminine flesh of a wonderfully well-endowed woman, wallowing against her as I lose myself in fabulous folds of fat fondling big boobs and kneading flabby belly meat to my heart’s content, fulfilling my tactile need to touch until my roving hands fall silent and still below large breasts caressed as I carry on hugging her tummy to sleep, spooning in close to her chubby cuddly body feeling warm and secure the whole night through. Sadly, my lovely wife is unable to enjoy cuddling with me for a good length of time because of her medical condition rendering it uncomfortable, so my insatiable desire to fall asleep locked together tight in an all-night hug remains but an unrequited cuddle fantasy unfulfilled lest I can find myself a cuddle buddy like super sexy Kendra Grace at BBW Dreams

Kendra Grace

…as, indeed, disarmingly cute & comfortably curvaceous Kendra Grace exemplifies the epitome of the perfect cuddle buddy to me, further fulfilling my busty BBW fetish fantasies for a big cuddly belly & fat tits for fondling tenderly amidst our imminent, infinite, intimate embrace. Oh, and Kendra? If you’re reading this, not to worry about my wife since we’re both into the swinging scene but, whilst most swingers are looking for a fuck buddy for shagging or even just a wanking buddy for masturbation fun, I’d be perfectly happy and contented with a nice cuddle, me. In fact, lovely Kendra, if you’re well and truly up for a good, long hug, I promise to keep my carnal inclinations at bay (although a soft, sensual cuddle-fuck with you would be MOST welcome as well, should you be so sexually inclined to invite my penis in to play). ;~)

Whatever has got into me, here?! Major fan of hardcore BBW porn that I am watching the stunningly sexy woman well-endowed with lovely large breasts and a beautiful big belly (not to mention those piercing grey-green eyes that could set my cock off cumming with one gorgeous glance whould I have the profound pleasure to put my penis in her mouth at any point), and what do I fantasize about? Sex? A busty titfuck? A BBW blowjob? No, a fucking cuddle! Big boobs blimey, maybe I’m totally losing my touch, here, especially after seeing all of the busty voluptuous sexual talents she’s got to share in these horny hardcore photos & videos of cute & cuddly Kendra Grace at

Kendra Grace hardcore at BBWDreams

Kendra Grace hardcore at BBW Dreams -

Kendra Grace videos from BBWDreams

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Huge Boobs Heavy Hangers on Haydee Rodriguez

October 19th, 2010

Well, considering that A) I’m not particularly fond of non-blondes and, B), I don’t like girls with kinky crimped or curly hair as a general rule, I must nonetheless admit that I’m extremely big boobs beguiled by BBW busty Latina voluptuous lovely Haydee Rodriguez whom I saw for my first time ever over at PP‘s BBWs Gone Black interracial porn portal…

Haydee Rodriguez has huge tits hanging down to the bed whilst fucking busty BBW doggy-style at

…leave to such a stunningly beautiful pair of huge tits hanging down to the bed bouncing away from that sexy big ass body up on her hands and knees fucking busty BBW doggy-style with a big black cock from behind to make me overcome my hairist attitudes. And, although her stats at Plumper Pass say she’s got G-cup breasts at best, I truly think her massive tits are much bigger than that! In fact, they look more like gigantic J-cup juggs to my massive mammaries mind, considering those extremely heavy handfuls of hefty breast flesh and colossal cleavage she’s showing off having sex from below above. I’d love a busty BBW Latina lover like her as I can but imagine laying under her mighty huge udders getting totally wrapped up in tits smothering my face in her soft feminine fleshy funbags whilst fucking and, no, I wouldn’t even care that she’s got a big black penis in her pussy since the pounding of cock in cunt as hips hump fat against her ample ass would just add to the magnificent mammary gland motion of her big boobs ocean! Erm, let me hold that thought for a good long while whilst you all otherwise occupy your chubby loving selves with (questionably) 40G busty Latina BBW Haydee Rodriguez in hardcore interracial videos and huge boobs BBW fucking sexy fat tits photo gallery from

40G Haydee Rodriguez hardcore from BBWsGoneBlack

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BBW Pussy Squirting Sex with Multiple Orgasms

October 13th, 2010

Although I’ve covered extreme pussy squirting orgasms on the vagina mono-blog many times before since the tender twat trickling topic of orgasmic female ejaculation seems a most popular pussy pastime both in foreplay and fucking, the best I’ve been able to scare up in terms of vaginally squirty sex on the BBW blog has been sorely limited to a comparatively tame and gentle genital gush. Truth is, good hardcore cunt gushing orgasms are hard to cum by in any porn niche, BBW and plumper gushing included, so I look out for sex with a pussy squirter whenever I can get it, today being one such multi-orgasmic occasion!

But, first, let me introduce you to the new busty blonde D-cup BBW on the block at Hot Sexy Plumpers, lovely little 40D Michelle looking as deliciously slutty and sublimely sexy as ever when she takes big tit fondling male member masturbation matters well in hand as she does chubby loving comfortable with a cock in her cunt pounding penis into pussy riding cowgirl style like a beautiful big ass plumper pile-driver plunging and plumbing the depths of her voluptuous vagina over the rigid rod of an erection her sex stud has to offer as a hot meaty seat treat with a boner bonus to penetrate her plump pubic mound of fat female genital flesh goodness that is that sexy shaved vulva of hers…

Busty blonde D-cup BBW beauty Michelle getting a tit grope with hard-on in hand at Hot Sexy Plumpers -    Busty blonde D-cup BBW beauty Michelle fucking cowgirl style with beautiful big ass bouncing pounding penis into pussy at Hot Sexy Plumpers -

…right, then – erotic introductions out of the way. let’s get on with the pussy squirting orgasms of the multiorgasmic variety. Honestly, I have never seen a pussy ejaculating girl cum so much in my life as I have in this particular pussy gushing video of vagina volcano Michelle! A horny girl having multiple orgasms in sex is one thing, but repeated multiple pussy gushing orgasms are all but unheard of in hardcore porn as the girl cum squirting pussy provides the ultimate climax for cunt gushing content, the ejaculation of the female cumshot being synonymous with the money shot in the pussy fetish porn niche, but busty BBW blonde Michelle just keeps on cumming and cumming so much in this video with her vagina gushing genital juices all the while! In fact, this horny multi-orgasmic girl ends up pussy squirting on cock so many times in the course of this super wet vagina video that I lost count of her cunt gushing 20 minutes into this nearly continuous multiple orgasm movie! For but a tempting taste of vaginal juices from what her talented twat can do on the sexy female fountain fanny front, here, in but a brief one-minute tube-style clip that would best be entitled either Close Encounters of the Squirt Kind or Eternal Orgasm of the Spotless Dick (from her fuck-buddy having his penis washed in gushing pussy juice so many times), I give you the gushing female genitalia of magnificent multiple squirter Michelle from her extreme sex multi-orgasmic girl ejaculating non-stop pussy squirting video at

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…oh, I do love how she sucks his cock clean to get a taste of her own girl cum sweet sexual fluids after squirting vagina juice all over it! :~o

Now, although I can’t stop myself from being so fucking impressed by the pussy squirting saavy this most multi-orgasmic girl has to offer amidst her decidedly manifold and demonstrably mellifluous sexual techniques (actually, hyper-orgasmic girl would’ve been a more apt description for this sexually insatiable slut goddess of genital gushing orgasms a plenty), and so I’ll set aside my sexy female ejaculation fetish for pussy spraying sexual fluids hither, thither and yon in continuous clitoral cumshots to show you a bit more of what’s in store in terms of your run-of-the-mill blowjobs and tit-play and full-on fucking from beautiful D-cup busty and super squirty BBW sex monster Michelle courtesy of her photo and video galleries from

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40D Michelle BBW pussy squirting videos at HotSexyPlumpers

BBW pussy squirting videos with D-cup Michelle from Hot Sexy Plumpers -



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Samantha 38G goes Anal at

October 8th, 2010

Sorry for the colossal cleavage cross-post, but we’ve got a big boobs breakthrough in BBW porn on our hands since sexy Samantha 38G has just done anal for the first time ever at her Samantha38g site! I’ve just blogged Sam on MyBoobSite with regard to this long awaited anal sex announcement on her part so, rather than belabouring the beautiful big butt fucking point here, I thought I’d send you to the big tits blog to see the all new Samantha 38G anal video from

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