Treading Dangerous Waters

September 9th, 2013

Rikki Waters, or Darling Rikki as she is also known, is the sort of girl who could only be found masturbating with a magazine in a particularly large hotel lobby.

I apologise… the minute I see her called Darling Rikki, my mind takes me straight to the Prince song. You know, THIS ONE.

Rikki Waters commands a large space. She commands more than that, with her oustanding 38-32-42 figure. Her big bulbous belly is a nice round jiggly mountain, topped with 38J tits that slosh and shudder as she gets her wobbly wonders slammed.

In the photos and video from the following scene she does get well and truly slammed, but not before she gives a good deep blowjob.

Her sex scene concludes with her taking it up the bum, her tight asshole snuggled deeply in the cleft between those huge butt cheeks that just beg for a BBW BBC banging. Beautiful.

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Anal Allure

September 6th, 2013

You’d think that Arizona would be the last place you’d chose to live if you were a very heavy person. What with all those fatty folds and copious convex curves, it surely would make one hideously hot.

However, Eliza Allure with her 40E-43-57 figure lives right there. One can only imagine how slip-slidey-sweaty she gets when exerting herself.

Exerting herself like when she’s blowing and fucking a huge cock, as she is here in this wonderful fat filled film from Plumper Pass.

Somehow, Eliza supports her hefty bulk whilst balancing on high heels and getting rammed up the ass in this video. We see her teriffic tummy bounce and tremble as she gets a good anal shafting.

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Reyna Mae – Big Titty Client

September 4th, 2013

I was talking with Reyna Mae on Twitter the other day and we realised that it was four years ago that we last featured her, here on MyBBWsite.

I decided to rectify this, without further ado.

The beautiful BBW has striking red hair and green eyes. She was born in October 1981 and lives in Pennsylvania.

Reyna is 5’8″ tall and weighs in at a cuddly 210lbs (15st/95kg).

Her tattooed tummy is round and jiggly, as are those sumptious, suckable, all natural 36JJ-cup jubblies.

In the video, below, Reyna is the big titty client to a very lucky handyman who gets to play with those big boobs, belly & butt and then fucks her good and hard.

We get to see all those fabulous folds of flesh slosh around in a fluid like way as she gets banged. It’s quite hypnotic to watch the flab flow back and forth.

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Chocolate Butt Plug

September 3rd, 2013

Blue eyed blonde BBW Zoey Andrews is new to MyBBWsite.

More of a chubby plumper than a full on fatty, Zoey measures up at 38F-40-46 and is 5’10″ tall.

She is a busy fuck-buddy in this video, starting with blowing her boy’s boner then getting the todger in the twat and finally getting that BBC chocolate butt plug shafted furiously up her ass, with her big butt, belly and boobs bouncing all the way.

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BBW Idol

September 2nd, 2013

Canadian curvy cutie Mandy Majestic is a magnificent 280lbs (20st/127kg).

Mandy is a marvellous BBW with measurements of 56-40-50 and a 40L-cup bra size.

Her folds of flesh are fabulously flabby and we see them slosh and jiggle as she gets pounded in this video clip, her bounteous butt and boobs bouncing beautifully.

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Hootin’ For A Tootin’ Take 2

August 30th, 2013

24 year old Californian, Hillary Hooterz, has not been on MyBBWsite since a small bit part in 2010.

To rectify this, here we have a video and photos from Plumper Pass, where the piggy plumper gets a double dose of Big Black Cock.

44-36-38 are the vital statistics on the chubby chick and she sports 38 F-cup tits.

Watch them bob and bounce as she gets her voluptious vulva well and truly creamed with the help of those two BBC bound blokes.

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Dinner Is Served

August 29th, 2013

Born in November 1990, pretty BBW Emma Bailey is from the USA and is 22 years old.

At 5’4″ and with measurements of 48-38-48 and a bra size of 42 E, Emma is a whole big bundle of beautiful, buxom blubber.

In this video and photographs, she is doing dinner for her man. As she serves it up to him he can resist no longer and he is soon licking away at her lovely labia and her cozy cleft of a cunt.

It’s not long before they’re at it and we see her naked body, all folds of fabulous flesh, bouncing and wobbling away as she enjoys the chubby chasers cock. First in her mouth with a blowjob and then in her copious cleavage with a good hard titty-fuck. Eventually getting down and dirty with a super-sized shag.

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It’s good to see a condom being used in porn. I know we all dislike using them but in this day and age we know it’s essential for our own health and that of our fuck-buddies.


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Massaging Maria Moore

August 23rd, 2013

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a masseuse in a hotel, when you get a call from reception to say your services are needed by a hotel guest.

Nowt strange about that.

You go up to the room and set up your table only to find your client is one bounteous beauty by the name of Ms Maria Moore.

Having been absent from our screens for a while (I think she had a baby) she is back looking bigger that ever. She is listed as having 36K boobs, but I think she needs a post natal re-measure. Her belly has certainly developed a few more folds of flesh. 46-33-39 may be a little out of date, too. I’d be interested to know.

Back to the story: Imagine, if you will, Maria’s surprise when that masseuse turns out to be a certain Samantha 38G.

The massage starts out innocently enough but then, whoops, Sam slips a finger into Maria’s willing cunt and that starts the fun with Samantha soon finding it too irresistable to keep her toung out of that chubby cleft.

Maria’s tits giggle and bounce with her wanton willingness as she lies on her back and enjoys the hot and sexy girl on girl action. As I enjoyed watching and I am sure you will, too.

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Maria Moore & Samantha 38G at

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Black Rose Banging

August 21st, 2013

From Southern California, BBW Sofia Rose was born in 1975.

She is heavy to the tune of 240lbs (17st 2lbs/108.862kgs) and her fabulous folds of flesh give her a figure measuring up at 52-40-52

She was a mainstream clothing model when she was much younger, until her breasts began to grow to an impressive 36DD when she was still very young, causing her to have to give up the fashion modelling (as, as we all know, those models have to be waif-like to the point of starvation).

In this video, beautiful Sofia jiggles those 38″ jugs as she sucks and fucks. Her whole body moving in waves of wonder with her copious creases and fleshly fat flab.

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BBW Fuck Fest

August 15th, 2013

There’s a lot of fine fat flesh here with four of the fnest BBWs out there.

Plumper Pass couldn’t have said it better with their description:

Plumper Pass is proud to present our “biggest” scene of the year featuring BBW Fan Fest award winners Lexxxi Luxe and Mandy Majestic along with their best friends Lovely Sillk and Sashaa Juggs. These are the four biggest and sexiest BBWs ever… A true BBW Dream. Watch as these hot sexy plumpers ravage one another before one of our luckiest studs gets to have all four. Now that’s a BBW buffet you won’t want to miss.

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Mandy Majestic, Lovely Sillk, Lexxxi Luxe & Sashaa Juggs at

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Stairway to Molly

August 8th, 2013

She’s 5’2″ and she’s a chubby chick from the US.

Measuring in at 48-31-35 with a bra size of 38F, Molly Howard makes the scales grunt under her 195lbs (13st 13lbs).

Is it just me, or is she starting to look a little like Sapphire?

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Big Babe Shake Out

August 6th, 2013

Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman (SSBBW) Anastasia Vanderbust is an all natural hefty lump of lardy Latina love.

Standing six feet tall in her stockinged feet Anastasia must weigh an impressive amount of lbs, but I can find nowhere that claims to have that information. To look this big and buxom when you’re that tall… you can only imagine how many folds of fabulous flesh you could fall into upon mounting that mass.

Her measurements are a marvellous 56-45-58, making her bra size an impressive 48G

In this video clip Anastasia is working out with a Shake Weight. We all know what waves of wonder we get to see with just a big pair of boobs when a Shake Weight gets used by a busty woman. Well, with an SSBBW like this, those wonderful waves totally wobble every flabby fold.

Calling in her personal trainer, Anastasia soon finds her pretty mouth sucking on his cock. Of course, they move inside for a fleshly fuck – that’s a whole different type of personal trainer!

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BBW Lubed Then Screwed

August 5th, 2013

Milky-white skinned, brunette Texan, Jasmine Jones, gets a wobble on with her big boobs, belly and butt as she gets fucked by the big black stud with his big black cock.

This video starts with a good poolside oiling up, then a superb PoV blowjob.

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Double Timing Queen

August 3rd, 2013

A favourite of MyBBWsite, Samantha 38G, is back and looking better than ever.

With her voluptuous 58-34-48 figure and her 38G-cup boobies, Sam is not just a pretty face. But she is endowed with that, too.

In this selection, Sam is playing away on her man. When he catches her out, she gets him to join in and she is soon being spit-roast like a greedy piggie.

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Black Cock Injection

July 29th, 2013

Voluptuous Veronica Vaughn is a pretty plumper from the US

The blonde babe brings us a body built to the tune of 49-36-49 inches.

The black cock injection in question involves Veronica blowing her stud. Properly deep throating him. To the point of gagging. She’s soon jumping on that joystick, with her 40G tits swinging free and banging together.

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