The ultimate wet t-shirt model!

Growing up in South Florida, as I did, I got to spend a lot of time on the beach, so it wasn’t surprising to happen upon a wet t-shirt contest every now and again. Of course, I’d stay to watch, and usually found myself sadly disappointed by the under-endowed bikini babes who passed for having “big tits”. Honestly, even the fullest D-cup just doesn’t quite cut it.

If only 32JJ Maxi had been there, I’d have been a happy bunny. Seeing her JJ-cup juggs jiggling beneath a tight, translucent t-shirt would’ve truly made my day…as well as have created a rather embarrassing bulge in my swimming trunks. It’s unfortunate that she only puts on such shows in her own shower, but at least she’s kind enough to share moments like these via videos at her website.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but it seems that our Maxi spends an inordinate amount of time pointing the shower head at her pussy in this video – she even grasps it tightly between her legs at one point – but I guess she needed to stick it somewhere, as it took both hands to lift her shirt over those huge boobs! In any case, here are a few clips from the video:

Maxi 32JJ from Maxi 32JJ from
Maxi 32JJ from Maxi 32JJ from
Maxi 32JJ from Maxi 32JJ from


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9 Responses to “The ultimate wet t-shirt model!”

  1. TurboPaulieD Says:

    I agree. A “D” cup is just average to me now. Once, just once I woul dlike to see Maxi’s face. In some videos you can catch a side view of her face and hair. She looks like she may be somewhat attractive.

    New to the site. Great job!

  2. Very Free Says:

    There goes that stupid “clothes in the shower” nonsense again (as I’ve said here before, only forgetful or daft people go in the shower with clothes on). I’d rather see her without the t-shirt, fondling and squeezing those rapidly ripening monster melons! To hell with the t-shirt! It belongs, along with a set of tits under it, in a wet t-shirt contest, not in the shower. I’d rather see her in that monster 32 JJ bra. But I’d guess that she’s swelled up so much from being PG that now she very likely won’t fit in a 32 JJ.

  3. Very Free Says:

    BTW, Reese made a good choice of words when he said translucent t-shirt, but I’m not so sure about his choice of ‘bugle in .. swim trunks’. Hey, Reese, can we see a pic? Heh-heh..

    I’ve been taking weekly pics of a PG cow-orker’s profile as she’s coming along, and the progress was more noticeable due to the xmas vacation gap. Not much difference in the titty dept, though. She’s due any time now. I just figure that it might be more difficult to see the changes in Maxi if they are too close together, timewise.

  4. Reese Says:


    Hahahaha! A “bugle in my swimming trunks”? :~D I suppose that gives a whole new meaning to “getting the horn”! Erm…thanks for pointing that out. Needless to say, I’ve corrected the typo now, but cheers for preserving it for posterity. :~P Now, if only I had a bugle to hand – and some swim trunks…

    ~Reese! :~)

  5. SIr_LIcks_ALot Says:

    Wow, this is certainly worth keeping my eyes and hands on!

    By the way…
    What is up with Maxi’s website? Whenever I try to preview a video there nothing plays in the window that opens. Is there a problem with her site or is my computer just locking up at the thought of full action motion?

  6. Reese Says:


    Not sure. I know she was switching her site over to a new server yesterday to accommodate the traffic, so that might have something to do with it. I’ll see if I can find out anything more…

    ~Reese! :~)

  7. SIr_LIcks_ALot Says:

    Anything on the videos? I’m dying here….

  8. Reese Says:


    I just got an update from the webmaster: The BAD news is that the video previews are being removed from the site… :~( …but the GOOD news is that you just have to keep watching here on MyBBWSite for the next time I blog a Maxi vid! ;~D

    ~Reese! :~)

  9. Gray Crow Says:

    Oh, Man…Maxi, this site, this whole thing is just WOW. There is only one thing in the world better than big boobs…REAL big boobs! You should be proud.

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